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Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary

Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cobargo Kangaroos live at the Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary which is located 15 minutes from Cobargo on Yowrie Road.  Wandella Creek winds its way through the 850 acres.  The Sanctuary is surrounded by wildlife friendly neighbours and thousands of acres of bush.

The sanctuary is home to Kangaroos, Swamp Wallaby’s, Red Neck Wallaby’s, Wombats, Possums, Bilby’s, Goanna’s, Echidnas and many different bird species.

The 2019/20 bush fires were devastating for the resident wildlife, especially the Kangaroos and Wallaby’s who suffered population losses of over 90%.  All the kangaroos and wallaby’s we previously raised and released perished in the fires, but we have worked hard since then, raising and then releasing over 100 animals including kangaroos, wallaby’s, possums and wombats.  Many of these have now had joeys of their own and live safely as family groups at the sanctuary.

The kangaroos all roam free on the sanctuary and each day some of them return to the feeding site, providing visitors a rare opportunity to see them up close and say g’day.

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