Stephanie Williams Herbalist

Stephanie Williams Herbalist

Stephanie is a Medical Herbalist and Health Educator whose joint passions for gardening and the workings of the human body came together in her study of anatomy, physiology and plant medicine.

The timeless and amazing story of plant medicine through the ages motivates Stephanie to make products from her own garden. She bases her work on the stories of women down the centuries who developed ‘still rooms’. These were places where plants, collected from local hedgerows and meadows, were dried and transformed into useful products that often could not be bought. Each plant contains thousands of chemical components which found a use in the household as food, medicine (both oral and topical), and as antimicrobials, anti-fungals and anti-parasitics against pests and diseases etc. back then known as ‘evil humours’. Plants also had wide use by healing women in the processes of pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

While three quarters of the world’s population, including our own indigenous people, have used plant based medicines in their health care systems for thousands of years, modern science has yet to discover an appropriate model to test the efficacy of ‘whole plants’ on the human body.

Stephanie takes great joy in growing, harvesting and making use of plants in a range of therapeutic skin care products and first aid remedies without including synthetic colours, fragrances, stabilisers, anti-caking agents or preservatives. In tune with nature, she uses only what the earth provides, making small batches of products as and when the season dictates.

Her high quality skin care creams and balms are well proven over thirty years to be safe for all skin types . . . from infants to elders. Every first aid cupboard needs simple effective remedies which may well save a visit to the doctor.

‘Preventive care’ means taking responsibility for our own health via everyday lifestyle choices. These include how and what we eat, how we maintain movement in our physical bodies and how we balance our emotional, spiritual and mental attitudes. It also reminds us that the products we choose to purchase all have an effect on the health of our own and other species, and that of our home, the earth.

Stephanie Williams
Medical Herbalist/Health Educator
B.App. Sci., Dip Med Herb. Dip TM

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